+--------------------------------------------------+ | | | Diskovery | The data storage inspection tool | | | +--------------------------------------------------+ Latest release: Release date: 2021.07.21 Download link: https://diskovery.io/get Change log ---------- * Added support for extracting NVMe drive details via SCSI tunneling for ASMedia chipsets, e.g Samsing T7 external drives * Added vendor detection for YMTC, Galaxy Microsystems, KindDian, Lenovo, Netac, Sabrent, Asgard, Derler, MG and Elegant * Added enclosure detection for AVD, SSK and Marvell. * Resoled a crashing issue in a presence of volumes smaller than 1000 bytes in size * Updated to the latest version of UI libraries * Changed the UI to show additional NTFS info, including the cluster size * Resolved an issue with mis-detecting certain HGST HDDs as SSDs * Updated the build toolset used for compiling the program 0.9.8.x * Added vendor detection for Deotera, Silicon Power, Kingfast, MaxDigital * Added enclosure detection for Intenso * Updated SMART tables for Maxtor, Seagate, Samsung, Crucial and PNY * Added Acronis Virtual Drives to the ignore list * Fixed NVMe detection when reported device bus is not NVMe * Fixed SSD mis-detection of Maxtor drives * Fixed SSD detection of ADATA drives * Fixed SSD detection on pre Windows 7 machines * Fixed loading of previously saved scan snapshots 0.9.7.x * Added extra validation of ATA IDENTIFY responses * Added more cases for when to query for NVMe data * Added vendor detection for ASMedia, Lacie, Netac enclosures * Improved vendor detection for SK Hynix drives * Updated SMART tables for HDD: Hitachi, Toshiba SSD: ADATA, Acasis, Apple, Corsair, Galaxy, Liteon, PNY, Samsung, Smartbuy, Transcend, WDC * Added detection of bogus CSMI and HPSA/CISS support in controller drivers 0.9.6.x * Added support for NVMe drives * Added vendor detection for VmWare, MTRON * Updated SMART table for Kingston * Fixed an issue with RAID volumes whereby a secondary drive would show up as 'unreachable' * Fixed a couple of cosmetic UI issues 0.9.5 * Added support for Acasis, SATAWire and Silicon Power enclosures * Added vendor detection for JMCR, Computex, Intenso and HDC * Added and/or updated SMART tables for Fujitsu, Patriot, Intenso, HDC, Mushkin, Silicon Power, Corsair, Liteon CV1*, Samsung PM*, Micron M550/600 and Transcend JetFlash drives 0.9.4 * Revised SMART interpretation table for HGST drives * Added vendor detection for HornetTek, Inateck, Initio, MAIWO and Micronet enclosures * Added vendor detection for Buffalo drives and StableBit DrivePool * Fixed an issue with displaying partition tables * Revised right-click "copy to clipboard" option to copy just the value when used for key/value lines * Removed RAID detection based on the "bus" type as it's prone to false positives (e.g. with LSI controllers) 0.9.3.x * Revised SMART interpretation table for Intel SSDs * App's window can now be maximized * Fixed an issue with the display of the byte counts * Fixed an issue with loading of saved snapshots 0.9.2.x * Revised SMART interpration tables for OCZ drives * Added SMART interpetation table for Apple SSDs * Added vendor detection for Patriot Memory flash card 0.9.1.x * Comprehensive rework of the SMART attribute decoding module including 28 new vendor-specific interpretation tables * Numerous improvements to how SMART attributes are displayed in the UI * Added vendor detection for: SSD drives Intel, Kingston, Liteon, Micron, Mushkin, OCZ, SanDisk, SK hynix and Zheino HDD drives ExcelStor, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Maxtor, MDT and Packard Bell Flash drives Silicon Power RAM drives Romex, Bond Disk Virtual drives VirtualBox and Xen Project USB enclosures Apricorn, ASMT, Fantom, Norelsys, Transcend and Seagate * Model/serial information is now pulled from CSMI pass-through queries if needed * Updated CSMI module to better deal with partly broken Adaptec drivers * Updated CSMI module to validate checksums on IDENTIFY and SMART responses * IDENTIFY/SMART blocks with bad checksums are now logged * Parent device details are now also queried and logged * Added support for saving/loading scan results * Switched to a new icon Pre-beta releases ----------------- * Added vendor detection for Corsair Neutron GTX, Hitachi drives and Xen VM devices * Added code to display current SATA signaling speed based on \ the info from IDENTIFY *and* from the drive's CSMI/PHY data * Rearranged "Drive information" section a bit for a more compact view * Added vendor detection for Samsung NVMe drives * Added support for unformatted/corrupted volumes * Added support for RAM volumes, e.g. SoftPerfect RAM Drive * Added support for RAM drives, e.g. Dataram RAMDisk * Additional volume queries via Mount Manager API * Added SMART attributes decodings for Crucial SSD * Added "Feedback" submenu * Tweaked vendor IDs for Crucial_ and KINGSTON * Reduced verbosity of the log around IDENTIFY and GET_SMART_xxx queries * Fixed -c argument support for non-fully-qualified paths * Added vendor detection for Crucial M4-xxx, ADATA and HGST drives * Added extra SMART attribute decodings (SSD) * Added code to handle buggy USB host drivers that report invalid connection speed info (ASMedia) * Extent-less volumes (e.g. TC mounts) are now listed under Logical Volumes * Fixed a typo in the UI * Fixed partition listing for SoftPerfect RamDisk drives * Fixed an issue with log reporting when there's not I-net connectivity * Default to using Notepad for log viewing unless Ctrl is pressed * Added vendor/product detection for Liteon, Plextor, SanDisk, Crucial, Transcend and Samsung drives * Added extra SMART attribute decodings - 2016-03-30 * Added support for NVMe bus type * Added vendor/product detection for Samsung SSD drives * Added request for the scan log on the 1st exit --